Middle-Earth Madness: Collecting Hobbit Action Figures – Bilbo & Gollum

There are few characters who demonstrate the covetousness of collecting better than Gollum, JRR Tolkein’s tragic Halfling whose life is warped and controlled by The One Ring. It’s a story of object-lust taken to its sickening, feverish extremes. When I’m out hunting for new action figures to collect, it’s not uncommon for me to spend a moment considering Gollum and the toll that his sole possession took on him, and maybe I’ll put back that 150th Batman action figure. Maybe.

Bridge Direct has made some pretty excellent figures to accompany The Hobbit, coming out in December 2012 (including this Bolg and Gandalf set I’d previously written about). This is the first time we’ve gotten Lord of the Rings figures in 3.75″ scale, so we now have Hobbits and Orcs that can hang out with our Han Solos and Hulks and be the right size. The thing about the average 3.75″ figure is that it represents a character who is about 6 feet tall. So, when you’re dealing with Hobbits, which are about half the size of a heroic human, you get some very, very small figures. Details can potentially get lost, and quality can quickly decline—but in spite of this, Bridge Direct has made one of the most compelling Gollum figures I’ve ever seen.

Bilbo Baggins and Gollum come together in a two-pack, appropriately: protagonist and antagonist together, to reenact the scene where everything goes terribly wrong for the Baggins lineage, and The One Rings changes owners.

Bilbo, the hero of The Hobbit, is portrayed here in perfect Hobbit-size, and is accompanied by his sword, Sting, and a satchel. Sting slips into the scabbard at his hip perfectly. Very impressively, Bridge has managed to retain most of the articulation one finds on much larger figures, including the notoriously difficult ball joints. Bilbo has cut joints at the neck and wrists, bends at the knees and elbows, a swivel at the waist, and ball joints at the hips and shoulders. All of this is incredibly impressive at such a tiny scale.

While one can’t say that the face is a spitting image of Martin Freeman, the figure is a pretty solid representation of a chunky little Hobbit. The star of the two-pack is Gollum, who is rendered very impressively.

Gollum’s red-ringed eyes are pretty haunting, and his spindly body is articulated at the neck, below the pecs, and also has ball joints at the hips and shoulders. There’s a certain skeletal delicacy here that makes you nervous to bend anything, but the joints are pretty solid and I didn’t experience any problems. Gollum’s agile, simpering, slinking body might not be articulated enough to crawl around rocks or leap around excitedly, but this particular figure is a scary little monster for your desk, who stands upright very strongly because of his wide, Hobbit-y feet.

His body is stained and greyed around the edges, detailed as though he’s been crawling around in a cave for years, and the frightened, enraged look on Gollum’s face has never been captured this well. ToyBiz had made a bunch of Gollum figures in different scales; one large figure with interchangeable smiling and angry heads which talked and sang, and a few 6″ scaled figures which featured both articulation and rubberized limbs, or a combination of both. This is still probably my favorite Gollum figure.

The Bridge line of Hobbit figures includes a few more monsters and many different Dwarves, as well as a couple of elves and humans who join the party on their journey, and they’re all of pretty excellent quality, especially for a company who is relatively unknown in the world of action figures. With a total of three Hobbit films coming out, here’s hoping for a ton more crazy Middle Earth monsters and heroes. Check out a few more figures in our Community!



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