Universal Monsters: Count Dracula

In honor of Halloween, we continue our look at Diamond Toys’ excellent Universal Monsters action figures, having previously checked out the Gill Man, the Metaluna Mutant, and the Wolf Man. Now, it’s time to sink our teeth into Dracula, and hopefully avoid any more terrible puns like that.

Diamond’s Dracula, based on Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the fabled vampire, comes in two forms. Exclusive to Toys ‘R’ Us is a snarling Dracula posed on a tombstone base, but the ‘Select’ version, generally found at comic shops and specialty stores, comes with a woodland base and a wolf — one of Dracula’s less popular transformations. We’re checking out the stoic Dracula who is paired with his wolf-self.

As vampire figures go, this Dracula is awesomely classic. With a face that implies Bela Lugosi’s sensual vampire, this figure presents a more mature presence than the action-shot of the Toys ‘R’ Us, ready-to-bite monster, which might fit in better battling your Hulk and Superman figures (which actually happened in Hulk vs. Dracula [2011] and Superman #180 [2002]). This guy, instead, belongs with your DVD collection, much like the other ‘Select’ figures from Diamond, which are all more poised or elaborate versions of these movie monsters, or come with more delicate accessories.

Drac is articulated at the shoulders and neck, with minor waist articulation, and peg-holes in his feet to affix him to his base and keep him upright, balancing the weight of his thick, flowing cape. His shoulders are articulated enough to create both come-hither and go-away poses, given the positions of his hands, and the sallowness of his face is emphasized by reddening rings around his eyes. The wolf figure is also an excellent addition to this set, or just about any collection of animal models. I’m not one to speak to the biological accuracy of the wolf (the angry “eyebrows” seem to be an invention to make the wolf appear more menacing), but it’s a neat little figure. The windswept presence of the whole set is pretty great, transcending the film-accurate approach that the other figures tend to take, and instead opting for a more fantastical (but still recognizable) view of Count Dracula.

Check out some of the finer details on Diamond Toys’ Dracula figure below.

Drac joins many other classic Universal Monsters figures produced by Diamond, all of which are pretty exceptional representations of their classic movie counterparts. You can find these at your local Toys ‘R’ Us and comic shops, and be sure to check out Diamond on Facebook to keep up to date with their excellent stuff, which includes Marvel superheroes, The Munsters and The Walking Dead.

[Thanks again to Diamond for giving us this stuff to play with!]



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