With All These E-books, What Will Happen to Bookend Collectors?

Art Deco Gazelle Bookends

I just love books! You can find them all over the place in my house. Many of them are antiques or collectibles  guide books with descriptions, values and pictures. Others are sports-related. I just love my Wisconsin teams and have some wonderful books on the Braves and Brewers baseball teams and a few on my Green Bay Packers! I also have some delightful books on gardening. While I have not been as faithful to my flowers the past few years, I still love seeing the cottage gardens of England and get ideas on plants indigenous to Wisconsin and those that can survive the winters. Another of my loves is the ocean, its creatures of all types and especially birds. So books featuring shorebirds is also a favorite subject matter.

Green Bay Packer Books

I see my grandchildren using electronic devices with the books loaded on them. I guess that is fine and the “way of the future.” but what will happen to the bookends? Years ago, you’d buy fancy glass examples made by famous makers such as Indiana Glass, New Martinsville Glass Company of West Virginia, Paden City, and Heisey. Elegant crystal clear horses, starfish, eagles, and musical instruments such as lyres. These were so classy. I have had several sets of bookends for sale at a recent antique fair, but had no luck selling them. One young girl said “who reads books anymore?” Well, I do! Perhaps people will buy a pair of bookends and since they are not needed to hold up a grouping of books, they might just use one as a display piece. That would work. Or maybe they could be used to hold their electronic devices. How clever would that be?

Nautilus Bookends By Martinsville Glass Co.

I know there are still a lot of book-lovers out there and hope they continue to read, enjoy and display their hard-copies of literature, picture-books, price guides and such. It would be sad to think there was no place for bookends in our futures.



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