British Car Day 2012 – part 1

Approximately 10,000 people gathered at Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville Ontario this past weekend to celebrate the 29th annual British Car Day. This year celebrated the 50th anniversary of three key British cars, the  Triumph Spitfire, MGB and Lotus Elan. A steady stream of collectible cars arrived throughout the morning, representing just about every car manufacturer from the UK.

A row of Triumph TR3s shining in the morning sun.

About the only marques of note that I didn’t see were McLaren and Reliant. The cars on display more than made up for the absence of these classics. Considering the diminutive size of the Mini, a large section of the field was covered by these popular cars. In the center for the park were enough MGs to make me think that not any of them ever broke down. Radiating outward were rows of Triumphs, Jaguars, Lotuses (or should I call them Loti?), TVRs, Caterhams, AC Cobras, Land Rovers, Deloreans and other cars that were all exciting to look at.

The organization of the cars by type into rows was one of the factors that made this show stand out. When I attended Moparfest last month, cars were grouped by car clubs or just slotted in where the organizers could put them. At British Car Day, the cars were arranged in the park to facilitate judging across 51 categories.  The whole thing was run very efficiently with winners announced early in the afternoon so participants could enjoy a leisurely drive home.

One of the first Jaguar E-Types to arrive at British Car Day

With the show over, the Toronto Triumph Club has started their planning for the 30th annual British Car Day next year and I have a mountain of photographs to go through. I hope you enjoy this small collection of car badges while I prepare the rest for part 2 of my coverage to be posted this coming Sunday.



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