As You Desire Me: Greta Garbo Auction Set for December

Fans of 1930s film legend Greta Garbo will finally get an insider’s view of the notoriously private actress’ personal belongings. Beverly Hills auction house Julien’s recently announced a sale centered around Garbo, whose clothing, furniture and art will be up for grabs December 14 and 15.

“The public’s fascination with Garbo, who died in 1990, remains undiminished…” reads the Julien’s press release announcing the one-of-a-kind event. “Garbo’s fans and admirers span the globe and straddle generations. To them Garbo remains the hallmark of true beauty, style, artistry and modernity.”

The silk dress Garbo wore to the White House for a dinner with John and Jacqueline Kennedy

In all, more than 850 items will be featured in the winter auction, including the bed platform she slept on and the silk dress she wore to a dinner with President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Many pieces celebrating the Stockholm-born actress’ proud Swedish heritage – such as her flag placemat and family tree book – will also be available for purchase.

The idea for the auction, an attempt to share Garbo’s world with her millions of adorers, originally sprung up around the 100th anniversary of her 1905 birth, according to Garbo’s great nephew David Reisfield.

“We realized you really do have a responsibility to try to enhance and protect her legacy, and that started a whole evolution in our thinking,” he said.

While many items have starting prices as low as $12.50 and $25, several will cost bidders quite a chunk of change. For instance, Garbo’s Louis Vitton steamer trunk is beginning at $3,000 and two passports at $1,500 each.



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Chrysaster A fauteuil à la Reine from the Greta Garbo collection is also for sale in Stockholm on December 4th: http://auktionsverket.com/auction/fine-arts/2012-12-04/1513-fauteuil-a-la-reine-ur-the-greta-garbo-collection/ November 28th, 2012 at 4:29 AM

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