Obama Urinal Cakes & Monica Lewinsky Cigars: Collecting the Political Oddities

Theodore Roosevelt skein of yarn.

There he sits on the shelf, just staring back at me. I wonder what my favorite president would think if he knew where his image has been. Behind the glass of that oak wall unit sits a 2-ounce skein of the “finest quality,” white Crepe Velnette Roosevelt brand yarn. The Rough Rider on a skein of plush yarn.

How Theodore Roosevelt’s image and name managed to end up on yarn is probably lost to history. However, that skein got me to thinking about other odd things in my political collection. There’s the Theodore Roosevelt light bulb, and the coffee grinder. There’s the Richard Nixon showerhead, and the Nixon Halloween mask, and the Jimmy Carter bottle opener.

These items are odd enough, but I wondered about some of my political collecting friends. What are the oddest things in their collections? Here’s a sampling of items mentioned on the American Political Items Collectors Facebook page:

A 1900 William McKinley clam bake paper bucket.


  • An Obama Chia pet, which apparently was removed from the shelves after objections.
  • A Barack Obama/John McCain set of salt and pepper shakers. Yep, McCain is salt and Obama is pepper.
  • An 1881 pistol with images of Abraham Lincoln and James Garfield on opposite sides of the gun grip. Both were assassinated by guns. Talk about bad taste.
  • An inflatable toy “Firestone Blimp” for Florida Secretary of State George Firestone.
  • A Monica Lewinsky cigar.
  • A potholder for Ike and Nixon.
  • A urinal cake with President Obama’s photo on it.
  • Lyndon Johnson’s light blue dress shirt with initials on the pocket and a stitched tag in the collar identifying it as his.
  • A plastic dog coat that says “Vote as you dog-gone please, but Vote.”
  • A paper bucket from a “Republican Clam Bake” in Logansport, Indiana in 1900 with photos of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt on it.
  • An anti-Vietnam War bra with “Make Love” on one side, “Not War” on the other.
  • A Bill Clinton candy tin called “Impeach-Mints,” and Clinton condoms.
  • A Clinton under-door stop called a “Draft Dodger.”

That’s the beauty of collecting political. The variety of items is nearly endless. And odd.

The other side of the paper clam bake bucket.



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