Unique Find – Plaster Mold With A William Cullen Bryant Quote

Those of us who travel wherever we have to in order to find treasures appreciate a unique piece when we come across it. Hubby and I have traveled a lot in search of a “Roadshow Moment”, but no luck yet.

But today, while rummaging at local sales, I found a delightful plaster mold.  It resembles a carving in a tree-trunk and at first I could not decipher the words. It was priced low so I really did not care what it said, waiting until I got into the car, when I had the chance to look it over more carefully. It reads “The Groves Were God’s First Temples.” The message was so charming, and a bit familiar. Where had I read that saying before? I could have pondered for two days, but instead went to an online helper. It refreshed my memory instantly!

William Cullen Bryant

This is a quote from William Cullen Bryant (11/3/1794-6/12/1878).  He was an American poet, writer and longtime editor of the Saturday Evening Post. He was also respected as a lover of nature.

The Groves Were God's First Temples

This brought back another memory, quite vividly actually. My sister Vicki and her family went camping with her husband’s sister, brother-in-law and their two kids. They had planned to come back Saturday night, but the weather was so gorgeous, the sights and smells so enjoyable, that they opted to stay overnight, returning Sunday afternoon. Her sister-in-law, Jan, was upset saying she always went to church on Sunday morning and “God would be angry with her.” Vicki responded that she was sure that God would understand. After all, He made all this beauty and would want people to appreciate it.  She mentioned all the singing birds and croaking frogs and the blossoming trees in all their glory. Jan stared at her and replied “God is not here, He is in the church!” Oh, really? Our family is not overly religious, but we sure got a few chuckles out of that. I wish Vicki would have had this mold to show her!

The mold itself is quite large, approx. 11″ x 7-1/2″ and has an impressed “label” in the back.  We can make out some of the words which read in part “Alabaster Co., Chicago – Beauty and Excellence.” I am reluctant to keep it in the garden because of its obvious age and fragile material, but it will have a place in my home and I’m sure will bring smiles to all who view it.



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