Take My President, Please: A look at Anti-Obama Items

A bumper sticker noting the price of gas when Obama took office.

There’s no doubt the country is extremely divided today when it comes to politics. Divided like never before? Probably not if you know your history. But divided, nonetheless.

Some find the division in political campaigns disheartening. Political collectors see it as a collecting moment. Today we’ll take a look at some of the anti-Barack Obama items that are flooding the Internet right now. Next week, we’ll look at anti-GOP items, Mitt Romney specifically, in this blog.

If you’re interested in collecting “anti candidate” items, look no further than the Internet. Call up Google and enter “anti Obama items” and you’ll find more than 96 million hits. Yes, 96 million.

Obama boxer shorts with a Batman theme.

The American wit seems at its best come election time. Hundreds of anti-Obama bumper stickers are out there now, and some are downright clever, no matter your political persuasion. A sampling shows “OMG: Obama Must Go,” “Tell Barack I’m Baroke” and “Obummer.”  Some play on specifics events and whether the president can control them or not, such as “$1.83, The Price of Gas When Obama Took Office.” Most of these can be had for $3 or less.

Get a head start on Christmas with this stocking.

Among textiles, a couple of clever items that turned up include a T-shirt with a line-drawing of President Obama and the words “I Can Tell You’re Lying – Your Lips Are Moving.” There’s also a pair of boxer shorts with Obama’s image morphed into The Joker of Batman fame, with the word “Socialist” below. And finally, you can get a jump on Christmas with an anti-Obama stocking, which reads: “I’m Not Racist, I Don’t Like Biden Either.”

A lot of these same slogans can be found on vendor buttons. Buttons are favored by political collectors, so don’t be surprised to see these buttons making their way into some political collections this year.

Will these “anti” items be worth anything in the future? The past is probably a good indicator. Bumper stickers and T-shirts have never been favorites with political collectors. The best advice is to collect what you like and don’t worry about what the future holds. But collecting humorous, “anti” items can be fun.

Eight decades ago, humorist Will Rogers probably put it best when he said “I am not a member of any organized party. I’m a Democrat.”



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