Fantastic Exclusive 2011 is Coming! Welcome, Scarabus!

They’ve been showing prototypes of this guy since 2009, but Scarabus is finally here, and he looks mighty.

Back in 2006, toy sculpting superstars The Four Horsemen launched their “Fantastic Exclusive” program, fighting against an action figure market which increasingly favored licensed properties over innovative character toys. The Four Horsemen managed create a relatively successful system of releasing great, interesting toys by leveraging their incredible sculpting abilities, crowdsourcing preferences for final products, and managed to eschew the fickle traditional retail system. The result is The 7th Kingdom, an ongoing series of toys that focus on awesome animal warriors which appeal to those nerdy aspects of toy collectors which grew up on Thundercats and Masters of the Universe.

In 2006, we got the Mynocethean Soldiers, a set of minotaur creatures.

In 2008, we got the Anitherian Nine, which were a series of elephants, hippos, warthogs, rhinos and bizarre mutant aliens.

In 2009, Queen Aluxandra and her Court were produced, marking the first female figures in the 7th Kingdom line – cats and awesome robots included.

In 2011, we’re finally getting Scarabus, a set of figures which are based (albeit very loosely) on Egyptian mythology.

These ten figures will be sold as a set for $275 on March 1, 2011 through Store Horsemen, and their godly associations are obvious. They’ll also be released in more affordable bunches between March and June, should you be unable to afford the entire batch at once. Completists should note that these ten figures aren’t the only Scarabus figures out there, as The Four Horsemen released a pair of early bird figures in simple black and white colors, pictured below.

That’s a total of 12 Scarabus figures, but collectors should note one more aspect of collecting these Fantastic Exclusive figures : for every set released thus far, there’s also been a bonus joke figure released a little while later, and usually without much warning. For the Minotaurs, it was a spotted cow. For the Anitherians, it was a pink elephant. For the Queen, it was a “swimsuit” edition.

I’m a big fan of Egyptian mythology, from Demons Chronicle figures to Playmobil, so these are a must. I’m already seeking out extra freelance work so I can afford these without selling my organs or less feisty family members.



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