Lawn Ornaments

Derek and I took an evening drive to check out the local lawn decor. Some people only do this at Christmas time, but really that’s a shame because there’s so much to go “Oooooh,” and “Ahhhha,” over this time of year too. Normally we take walks to do this, but we wanted to get a few of our favorites in for you all to see. So, come on along on our tour of local Fargo lawn decor!

(Just so you know, there’s no pink flamingos here — though you can see some here, if you must — because when it comes to decorating your lawn there is so much more than flamingos.)

Some folks use items to add the charm of days gone by… Like antique ceramic crocks, gently rusting tins and watering cans. Just a few of these larger pieces add a nice touch to your flowerbeds and landscaping.

Lawn Ornament Display

Other folks take things a few steps further, adding angels, gazing balls, and lots of lawn knick-knacks featuring children. (Well, this is certainly quieter than having this many real children in your yard!)

Lawn Ornament Display

Some opt for one large piece, like this giant Loch Ness monster. While this lawn is rather small, I believe just one of these sea serpents is enough in any yard. (Though truthfully, it is three pieces…)

Lawn Ornament Display

Derek’s mom takes a more rustic, naturalist approach. On her front porch she has some wooden carvings, vases and what we call the Hobbit House. It’s a very eclectic look and not easily duplicated due to her one of a kind pieces.

Lawn Ornament Display

One local artist we know, Jon Offutt, places his extraordinary glass artworks out in his yard and gardens. The first time I saw this, I was struck speechless. Not only is it unexpected, but the play of light is truly amazing and varies with the time of day. Jon places large bowls, glass flowers and other substantial art glass pieces all about — and we’re not talking about slivers of glass placed in as wings in an iron dragonfly or otherwise used in metal frames; we’re talking about large, magnificent glass pieces which all on their own command attention. Even on a cloudy day these vibrant pieces provide color.

Lawn Ornament Display

Another unique idea was this use of mirrors. Just an ordinary fence, but add a host of mirrors and you have quite an unusual look. I imagine that when your flowers come up you sure can maximize their colors this way. (You probably get all the color of your neighbor’s flowers without the work too!) We wonder if this isn’t a problem in some areas due to reflection of sunlight blinding motorists… So you likely need to consider which direction your fence faces and how you place and angle your mirrors too. But it sure is pretty!

Lawn Ornament Display

All of these folks are proof that collecting doesn’t necessarily need to be an all-consuming drive to get the most things or the rarest things. You find a few pieces, add the touches you want to, and you can stop. (Well, you’ll still need to continue to work the lawn care and garden weeding, but the collecting can stop.)

Of course, there’s always someone who takes the lawn decor a bit too far. Like these people:

Lawn Ornament Display

They have more lawn chotchkes in one place than I have ever seen (outside of those places that sell lawn ornaments, that is). This is one case of not knowing when to stop — especially with the gnomes! It’s more than just lawn ornamentation, more than lawn decor, it’s lawn dementia!

While I’d have problems sleeping at night with all the ‘noise’ on the front lawn, I have to admire their dedication. It sure didn’t take one weekend to get all this stuff. It likely takes more than that to set it up each and every year.



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