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A Bizarre Find:a Round Bottom Bottle

We have often purchased and sold bottles. Many do not go for a lot of money, just a few dollars, sometimes $10 if the label is in good shape or the product unusual. For example we had purchased a number of bottles that once held chemicals for use in funeral homes. The bottles were rather pyramid shaped, still had their labels identifying the company... more

Looking Sharp: Political Knives Stand the Test of Time

Political campaign items come in many sizes, shapes and types. While a lot of them such as buttons, pamphlets and posters are used for a short time, and in many cases discarded,... more

Searching for Sugar Man’s Vintage Records

Stephen Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom may have miraculously found Sixto Rodriguez alive and kicking in Detroit and persuaded him to play some concerts in South Africa in the late 1990s, but... more

Suitable For Framing: Illustrations by Diana Thorne

The label on the wrapper for this charming book called “Dogs” read “lovely pictures – suitable for framing.” I loved the little pup on the cover. Other than the black ear, it... more

Is Stamp Collecting Disappearing?

In the Sound of Music, Julie Andrews sings about the joys of her favorite things, including ‘brown paper packages tied up with string.’ This song often makes viewers nostalgic for simple pleasures... more